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Electrically Operated Automatic Water Still is most suitable & economical mini distillation plant in Laboratory for obtaining pryogen free distilled water.
The complete unit is made of Stainless Steel with triple vapour baffle. The lid is automatically sealed with water forming is a recess in the head of the still into which the flange of lid rests which minimises the loss of steam.

The Still is fitted with safety ejection type immersion heater which is capable of displacing the connectors if still runs dry. However to ensure long service, special care should be excercised to avoid the still running dry since the protective arrangement cannot be expected to last beyond three operations. The Heaters are however easily replacable if required to. The stated output capacity of the still is approximate which may vary depending upon the input voltage of the mains. The still is supplied complete with, constant water level tap inlet, discharge tap of distilled water & waste drain out system.

A wall mounting bracket is provided.

Automatic Pipette Washer
KI - 38 - 01 2 Ltrs. 1.5 KW
KI - 38 - 02 4 Ltrs. 3.0 KW
KI - 38 - 03 6 Ltrs. 4.0 KW
KI - 38 - 04 8 Ltrs. 6.0 KW
KI - 38 - 05 10 Ltrs. 8.0 KW
KI - 38 - 06 20 Ltrs. 15.0 KW
The unit is double walled constructed , inner & outer seamless cylinder container,argon welded condensor & multibaffle all fabricated stainless steel provided with a safety ejectable immersion heater.
The inlet water passing into the Barnstead Still flow around the outside of the condensor tube where it reaches nearly to the boiling point.The heater water passes to the evaporator through the water level pipe and the excess water is drained through drain out.
In the evaporator the water is converted in to pure, clean dry steam which rises through the baffle and passes over into the condensor tube where it is condensed into distilled water.
Drainage outlet is also provided.
Working on 230 Volts 50 Hz AC mains.
KI - 39 - 01 2 Ltrs. 1.5 KW
KI - 39 - 02 4 Ltrs. 3.0 KW
KI - 39 - 03 10 Ltrs. 6.0 KW
KI - 39 - 04 15 Ltrs. 9.0 KW
KI - 39 - 04A 20 Ltrs. 12.0 KW
KI - 39 - 05 25 Ltrrs. 15.0 KW

Made to Export Quality Standards
ISI Mark Heater
Seamless Inner & Outer Cylinder
S.S Quality - 304
Order code no. KI - 38 A
Confirming the specifications same as above but the condenser tube can be detached for easy cleaning.

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